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 TIP #270   This tip was sent on the week: July 25th to July 31st 2010
Word Magic Software Version 6

Tip #270 - Version 6 is just around the corner…


On schedule, on cue and on demand, this July 31st. Brimming with improvements, novelties and educational functionalities to make your learning or translation experience unforgettable while allowing you to reap all the benefits.


Highly-Improved Translation EngineHighly-Improved Translation Engine:
If our former translation engine was precise and accurate, it is nevertheless not at par with our totally innovated engine and idioms database. Thousands of translation patterns have been implemented so that you can always get a great translation even if you change a word or two, something which often makes free Internet statistical translators crash and burn.


Expanded General DatabaseExpanded General Database:

We have added an overwhelming 200,000+ translations and idioms in both languages which will noticeably enhance the translation process and improve the overall accuracy.  You will find them also in our dictionaries. Result: Translation Power at its utmost and finest!


New Unique Field CategoriesNew Unique Field Categories:
Not only did we include new field categories which are unique to our translator’s and dictionary’s database, but we also included 6,000+ main cities referenced to their countries, 3,000 universities from Spain, USA and UK, 4,000+ names of important firms and companies, 16,000+ names of famous and popularly-known figures, and 20,000+ chemical and agricultural products and processes. Definitely unparalleled…


Polysemic Display - Click to see samplePolysemic Display:
New conceptualization and fine-tuning of our former Translation Options, the Polysemic Display can be called from the Interactive Window in our Translator Professional Plus, and will aid in disambiguating the words that have more than one meaning or part of speech, just to make it all easier for you…


Ribbon-type ToolbarsRibbon-type toolbars:
The ribbon-type toolbars, with the same comfortable and organized look and feel of the new Microsoft Office ribbons in their 2007 and 2010 versions, provide easy localization and access to both the classic and the new functionalities of our flagship products. Icons were carefully selected to make the buttons more attractive and easy to recognize at a glance, for all of our products!


Grammar & Syntax in Color - Click to see sampleGrammar and Syntax in Color:
Parts of speech such as verbs and  nouns are shown in individual colors to make them accessible for both your translation tasks and/or your language learning… know first-hand what the program chose, and what other parts of speech are available for a particular word. This is available in both our Professional and Professional Plus Translators.


Deep Scan Function - Click to see sampleDeep Scan Function:
Sometimes just plain search is too restricted, so we came up with a widespread search option for our dictionaries that includes all the words that have to do with the search word; in other words, it will display the terms that include the search word in themselves or in one of their synonyms. That way you won’t miss out on the related words just because they don’t look the part!

Version 6 shows we care and the pride we take in our products!

Mark July 31st On Your Calendar!

July 31st
Is Already Here!

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