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 TIP #258   This tip was sent on the week: May 9th to May 16th 2010

Tip #258 - Launching of Free Update Version 5.6

We are happy to announce the launching of Version 5.6, a free update for all our applications, from the Home Edition to the Professional and Plus versions.

Word Magic Software Inc. is always improving its programs with each free update.  This time the improvements far exceed our Customers' expectations as we are already preparing for and including some of future Upgrade Version 6.0 technology, which more than a jump is a catapult, a step into The Next Level of translation software functionality.

This update yields more natural, accurate and human-like translation, even without the use of the Interactive Mode.  

Here are just a few samples of how our Text Translator Professional works in automatic mode (without human editing).  These phrases are taken from our standard test data corpus which contains all kinds of texts, mainly puns, proverbs and famous quotes. * This corpus contains about 100,000 sentences in each language which are daily monitored by a computer, looking for changes or errors with each new release.  This is part of Word Magic’s Quality Assurance (QA). Notice that the Text Translator picks up on difficult idiomatic nuances on the fly.  You may even consider testing these samples with another automatic translator, for comparison’s sake.  We invite you to do it!

During the first half of life it is hard to avoid temptation, and during the second half it is even harder to find it.
Durante la primera mitad de vida es difícil evitar tentación, y durante la segunda mitad es incluso más dura encontrarla.

City traffic, for example, was moving much faster in the horse-and-buggy days.
El tráfico de la ciudad, por ejemplo, se movía mucho más rápidamente entre los tiempos de los coches con caballos.

A girl's firm no is still the best oral contraceptive.
El firme no de una chica es todavía la mejor píldora anticonceptiva.

London is a great city, but it would be even a greater city if it had a roof over it.
Londres es una gran ciudad, pero sería incluso una mayor ciudad si tuviese un techo sobre ella.

Madam, If a thing is possible, consider it done.
Señora, Si una cosa es posible, considérelo hecho.

Many a bachelor is still waiting for a beautiful girl who is a good cook, a good nurse and a good audience.
Un buen número de solteros está todavía esperando una chica bella que es una buena cocinera, una buena enfermera y una buena audiencia.

Some men are so eager for success that they are even willing to work for it.
Algunos hombres están tan ansiosos para el éxito que están incluso dispuestos para trabajar para él.

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody.
La mejor forma para animarse es intentar animar a alguien.

The Bible is a good book that's even better when it's the worse for wear.
La Biblia es un buen libro que es incluso mejor cuando está bien gastado.

The grave is still the best shelter against the storms of destiny.
La tumba es todavía el mejor refugio en contra de las tormentas de destino.

Fish is supposed to be good for the brain, but fishing is even better for the imagination.
El pescado está supuesto a ser bueno para el cerebro, pero la pesca es incluso mejor para la imaginación.

We all go back to the soil eventually, but only the gardener does it while he's still alive.
Todos nosotros volvemos al suelo eventualmente, pero sólo el jardinero lo hace mientras él está todavía vivo.

You can never convince a revolutionist that a new upset may be even worse than the old setup.
Usted nunca puede convencer a un revolucionario que un nuevo trastorno puede ser incluso peor que el viejo plan.

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