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 TIP #243   This tip was sent on the week: January 17th to January 23rd 2010

Tip #243:  Privacy in Translation

Applies to all Word Magic Text Translators

One of our visitors to our Website commented:  “Why would I buy a Text Translator from you if I can always get a free translation on the Internet?”

 This question is presently hounding the minds of many a developer.  Why spend tons and tons of money to develop anything if you can get it for free on the Internet (although of a lesser quality)?  Will this tendency freeze the advance of high-quality software? 

 A saying reminds us, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. However, millions of websites announce free lunches everywhere. 

This tendency could very well arrive at a happy ending where everybody obtains the best of all possible worlds for “free”, but could also very well end up with the Free User having a severe indigestion or even with the sudden disappearance of all fine-food restaurants.

We can think of many reasons why you should prefer a paid-for, personalized translation software which you can install and operate in your personal computer without recurring to any live Internet connection where a copy of your conversation or your entire document is being recorded on huge hard disks where there is absolutely no kind of privacy. 

Our Tip for this week : Using a Text Translator such as Word Magic’s, at least you can have an absolute assurance of privacy, since the program does not require connection to the Web. It’s all in your hard disk .


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