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 TIP #229   This tip was sent on the week: October 4th to October 10th 2009

Tip #229 - More on True Retranslation (Continued from Tip 227 & 228)

Applies to: Text Translator, Professional and Plus Version 5

One of our customers was concerned about the fact that Interactive translation opens the door to an almost limitless number of possible translations, synonyms, styles, idiomatic expressions, plus the possibility of eventually coming across bad translations and having to fix them clicking on this or that word. He said that it was “too much of a hassle”.

Our first comment is that translation is no easy task.  It is an extremely complex process.  What we offer is a collection of tools to assist the human operator, not to replace him altogether.

We commented in Tip #225:  “If you are in a hurry, you can use the Automatic Mode and obtain an automatic, on-the-fly translation.  However, if you want to be more accurate, and to be informed as to what your recipient is receiving, we then recommend using the Interactive Mode with the True Retranslation functionality activated”. 

Take the word “back” used in our example. You can select 25 different meanings for just this word as a single unit using our Interactive System.

However, our point is that you do not have to make THAT MANY selections, when using our Interactive Mode.  Our Text Translator is context-sensitive and will offer you the most viable meaning as a default choice.  Then, you can select other alternatives to improve the default selection, and perhaps one or two clicks to correct a sentence, in case it should come out wrong.

Let’s see, for instance, how our program handled the six sentences that we used in our previous example:

  • The cars back. = Los autos echan para atrás

  • We back= Venimos de retroceso.

  • We are back= Estamos de regreso

  • We back the car = Echamos para atrás el coche

  • We back his project = Respaldamos su proyecto

  • He was pushed back against the door = Él fue empujado hacia atrás en contra de la puerta


All translations came out perfect on the first try.  The User did not have to make a single alternative selection.  No extra clicks! Sheer luck?

Download a Free Trial Here. It is a totally different experience.


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