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 TIP #219   This tip was sent on the week: July 26th to August 1st 2009

Tip #219 - Copy Paste Retranslation

This Tip applies to all Word Magic products

Before we go into Problem #2 “How to fix your translation if it comes out bad”, let’s go through a few other examples to prove our point.

This time we chose our example going from English to Spanish to show that ambiguity occurs in both directions of translation.   Our previous example was from Spanish to English.

In this case, the “context” absolutely ruins what would otherwise be a perfect translation, the saddest part being that an “innocent” copy-paste retranslation will reveal no problem at all; on the contrary, it will hide it from view.

Using one of most popular free translators on the Internet, let’s try:

  • I like honey for breakfast = Me gusta la miel para el desayuno. (Perfect!)


  • Honey, breakfast is ready. = Miel, el desayuno está listo.

If we were using Word Magic’s True Retranslation we would immediately realize the mistake in the Spanish rendition.  It would display something like:

  • Bee honey, breakfast is ready.

However, copy-pasting the result “Miel, el desayuno está listo” into the same free application we will obtain this time:

  • Honey, breakfast is ready.

 So, you will be misled into thinking “Gee! That was a perfect translation and a perfect back translation.”

Do you see now the enormous difference between regular copy-paste back translation and Word Magic’s True Retranslation?   We hope you do!

By the way, how does our Text Translator interpret such a tricky sentence?  You can click Here to download a free trial of our Text Translator.

This is our rendition:

  • Honey, breakfast is ready. = Cariño, el desayuno está listo.

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