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 TIP #213   This tip was sent on the week: June 14th to June 21st 2009

Tip #213 - Handling of Spanish Idioms. Part III

This Tip applies to all Word Magic products

In our last tip, when we said “Sometimes we fail in simple sentences, whereas our competitors don’t,” this does not mean that this is our general rule.  What we mean is that translation is so immensely complex that everybody takes turns to fail utterly many a time on seemingly “innocent sentences”.

Most of the times, context is culprit number one, but also the idiomatic nature of both the English and Spanish languages.   

Here is an example of four innocent-looking sentences where our Text Translator does a perfect job and others fail.  In this case, the problems lie in the idiomatic verbs “echar de menos”, “echar al olvido” and “andar a cuchilladas”.  


Echo de menos Paris = I lack Paris.  (?)

Echo de menos ir a pasear a la playa = I lack to go to the beach.  (?)

Eché al olvido mis pesares = I threw to the negligence my sorrows.   (?)

Ellos andan a cuchilladas = They walk to stabs.  (???)

Word Magic Text Translator:

Echo de menos París = I miss Paris.

Echo de menos ir a la playa = I miss going to the beach.

Eché al olvido mis pesares = I threw my sorrows into oblivion.   

Ellos andan a cuchilladas = They are at daggers drawn.

The reason why our Text Translator is capable of rendering a perfect translation in these three cases is quite simple: our dictionary includes such idiomatic expressions as “echar de menos”, and tens of thousands more.  Otherwise it would be totally impossible to obtain an equivalent idiom in English.    

And… this is something we can actually boast about without being pretentious: No other English-Spanish dictionary has as many idiomatic expressions and constructions as Word Magic.  Click Here to download a free trial of our Text Translator.

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