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 TIP #212   This tip was sent on the week: June 7th to June 13th 2009

Tip #212 - Handling of Spanish Idioms. Part II

This Tip applies to all Word Magic products

In our last Tip we compared our translator with other “free-translation” applications found in the Internet.  We showed our Readers how Word Magic was capable of rendering results in accordance with the context of the test sentences, something that other translators were not. 

We want to make it clear that –even though sensitivity to context and idiom handling are exclusive features of our Text Translators—this does not mean that our translations will ALWAYS be better than our competitors’.  We sometimes fail in simple sentences, whereas our competitors don’t.  Translation is a limitless field and its variations and possibilities are infinite.  There is no physical system in existence capable of handling infinite possibilities.

What we offer is a system capable of handling about 250,000 idiomatic expressions and their synonyms.  This is still light-years away from being capable of handling ALL that there is in the realm of translation.   We only promise that we are slowly —but surely— heading in that direction.

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