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 TIP #181   This tip was sent on the week: 26th Oct - 1st Nov, 2008

Text Translator Plus: How does the program "know"?

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The question we received from some of our Users was, “How does Word Magic Text Translator Plus ‘know’ when to display Translation Options and when not to?


Obviously the Translation Options window should not display all meanings for every possible word it finds in the text.  It has to be an intelligent, measured and selective display.  Otherwise, practically each and every sentence would have an endless number of options, routes, sub-routes, detours and miscellaneous possibilities, some of them not really that important.


More than 60% of all English words are polysemous, that is, they have multiple meanings and many more ways into which they can fit into the sentence.  The possibilities are endless.  Therefore, Translation Options has to be very conservative and picky.  In most cases it should not display the different options even if the word has a multiplicity of meanings, based on the following considerations:


The alternative meaning is less frequently used.

The alternative meaning is slangy or colloquial.

The alternative meaning is a technical term.

The translations of the meanings are all similar in the other language.  In such cases, the word remains ambiguous in both languages.

The difference in meaning is too subtle.


All this information is part of Word Magic's gigantic database and has been compiled manually by professional linguists over years and years of research.


This is part of Word Magic's philosophy: “We put knowledge and information to work for you.”


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