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 TIP #179   This tip was sent on the week: 12th - 18th Oct, 2008

The Next Step: Retranslation

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We have been talking about the different translation options that Word Magic Text Translator Plus, Version 5.2 automatically offers for your consideration.


Let's copy one of our last examples:

Un buen físico:
( 1 ) A good physique
( 2 ) A good physicist

The Translation Options process (available only in the Plus Version) automatically displays two possible translations of the input text.  Each is as valid as the other and it will depend only on the context of the general text which meaning is the one you want to use. 


Now we come to the key question:  How does the User know which meaning is the correct one, according to the context?  


Our Text Translator Plus includes a retranslation function that will inform you exactly what you need to know!  


Type in your input text ”Un buen físico” and click on the Single Arrow button (Interactive Translation).  This will take you to the Translation Options wizard where you will see the display of the two probable translations.   

( 1 ) A good physique
( 2 ) A good physicist


Now click on the Retranslation button located in the lower left corner of the window.  Voila!  Immediately you will see the following display:

( 1 ) Una buena complexión
( 2 ) Un buen especialista en física


So… it is up to you now to decide which meaning you want.  They both have been set in front of you as in a painter's canvas for your pick!


In the case of “El vino”, you will also see the display of both retranslated sentences:

( Option 1 ) El vino de uva
( Option 2 ) Él vino (llegar)


If you click on “Number 2”, the translation will go the Target (Output) Box as “He came”.  If you click on “Number 1”, the result sent to the Target (Output) Box will be “The wine”



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