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 TIP #177   This tip was sent on the week: 28th Sep - 4th Oct, 2008

Translation Options: Flipping the Coin - Part IV

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Last week we were talking about different ways of interpreting a sentence depending on whether the User places the correct Spanish (written) accents or omits the proper spelling.


We used the example of:

  El vino (written without accent)  
  (Option 1) Wine
  (Option 2) He came

You may ask now, “What if my text is correctly written… What's the use of having Translation Options in such case?”


There are several reasons:

  1. If our Text Translator Plus sees no ambiguity, it will not display any Translation Options.  In other words: If the text reads “Él vino”, with the accent, the translation will be “He came”; no alternative choices.

  2. Bad spelling is not the only kind of ambiguity that Text Translator Plus is designed to detect.  There is also what's called “polysemy”, or multiplicity of meanings.  Take for instance terms like:

    Un buen físico:
    ( 1 ) A good physique
    ( 2 ) A good physicist

    Here are two more examples, from English to Spanish:

    A straightforward address
    ( 1 ) Una dirección franca
    ( 2 ) Un discurso franco
    ( 3 ) Un trato franco

    A risky affair
    ( 1 ) Un asunto riesgoso
    ( 2 ) Un evento riesgoso
    ( 3 ) Una aventura amorosa riesgosa

  3. Semantic and Syntactic ambiguities... These are more complex issues and we will try to explain how “Translation Options” deals with them perhaps in some future Tips.


Bottom Line:  In all these cases, Translator Plus “knows” where these dangerous ambiguities hide, and then puts them on the table for your inspection.


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