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 TIP #176   This tip was sent on the week: 21st - 27th Sep, 2008

Translation Options: Flipping the Coin - Part III

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If you are a regular user of our Translator Version 5 Plus and you have already downloaded our latest 5.2 free update,you will probably notice that the Translation Options have been substantially reduced in number.


This reduction is actually an improvement.  We had noticed before that too many inaccurate “Options” were being displayed for User selection.  Now, with the 5.2 update, the Translation Options process has been fined-tuned, tweaked and adjusted in such a way that only “pertinent” options are marked for display… at least that's what we have attempted to do.  You can be the judge for that and, as always, we'll welcome your feedback and comments.


The case where the text is missing a critical written accent constitutes one of these “pertinent” cases, especially now that most people omit typing them in emails, chats and informal texts of all kinds.  Of course, we are talking here about bad spelling… but, let's face reality: There is plenty of that kind of “bad text” that needs to be translated…an impossible job, of course, but we at Word Magic are at least trying to find a way out: Translation Options.


Do we need an example?  There could be literally thousands of them!  Let's just take one that we have used one or two times before:  “El vino”.


Typical translation software will translate this as “The wine”.  Correct, of course!   But… could it be instead that the sender meant to say “Él vino” (He came)?.  What are the odds? 


Translation Options will flip the coin for you and display both options:


El vino (written without accent)


(Option 1)



(Option 2)

He came

Now, the only thing you have to do is click on Number One or Number Two.  As simple as that!


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