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 TIP #164   This tip was sent on the week: 22th - 28th Jun, 2008

Ways in which to use Translator Professional Plus - Part II

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Last week we saw how an automatic (default) translation of the input sentence:

We read a report on farming.

with only 3 extra clicks ended up translated as “Leímos un reportaje sobre labrar la tierra”, using Word Magic Translator Version 5 Plus.

The last click was “Accept as Is”, on Translation Option #2. When you click “Accept as Is,” you skip the Interactive Mode and end the process. The system automatically takes you to the next sentence. However, clicking on “Go to Interactive” gives you the opportunity of selecting an even wider variety of choices. (This is the same Interactive Mode which was available on former versions and is still available in the Plus version.)

For instance, you can select “farming” as a noun, and you will immediately see the following translation in display:

Leímos un reportaje sobre la agricultura.

Or you can select a synonym:

Leímos un reportaje sobre el cultivo de la tierra

You can also select “on” and change it to “acerca de”, instead of “sobre”:

Leímos un reportaje acerca del cultivo de la tierra.

You can even change the verb and select “leerse” instead of “leer”

Nos leímos un reportaje acerca del cultivo de la tierra.

There is practically an endless variety of meanings and synonyms from which you can select. Translation Options --combined with Interactive Mode-- open the door to unlimited versatility in writing and translation.

And yet, there are two other very important functions missing…but we will explain those in our next tip.


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