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 TIP #163   This tip was sent on the week: 15th - 21st Jun, 2008

Ways in which to use Translator Professional Plus

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Here is a simple example of how to use Word Magic Translator Plus :

Type this very simple sentence and click on the “Interactive” button.

We read a report on farming.

Automatic Translation (Standard Version) renders a “good-enough” translation, as follows:

Leemos un informe en labrar la tierra.

However, the Translation Options function (available in the Plus Version) detects some ambiguities in the text and offers you several other available alternatives:

  1. Leemos un informe en labrar la tierra.
  2. Leímos un informe en labrar la tierra.

We realize that “read” in English may mean both present and past tense. This is the first ambiguity detected by the program. If you want “past tense” click on the Second Option on the “Better Choice” button. Now you will see several other valid interpretations on display.

  1. Leímos un informe en labrar la tierra
  2. Leímos un reportaje en labrar la tierra
  3. Leímos una denuncia en labrar la tierra
  4. Etc.

Suppose you want “reportaje” instead of “reporte”, so you go ahead and select Option #2. Click afterwards on the “Better Choice” button.

Now we see on display two final choices:

  1. Leímos un reportaje en labrar la tierra
  2. Leímos un reportaje sobre labrar la tierra

You then decide that the preposition “sobre” is the most appropriate choice in this particular case, so you click on the “Accept as Is” button in Option #2. And that’s it. Your translated sentece is transferred on to the main Target Editor and the next sentence of your document is displayed.

We will analyze other possibilities next week.

Remember: you can now pay in 3 or 6 monthly installments, interest-free!

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