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 TIP #146   This tip was sent on the week: 20th - 26th Jan, 2008

Translator Professional Plus: Retranslation

This Tip applies to the following products: Translator Professional Plus 5.0

Retranslation in Ambiguity Cases

We saw, in our previous tip, how to solve the trouble caused by the ambiguities of the “simple phrase”: “Amamos a esta criatura.” Translation Options assumes that the User already knows enough of the English language to make their call. 

For cases in which the User is not knowledgeable in the other language, we offer an additional function called “Retranslation”  within the same Translation Options window. By choosing this mode, you will be able to see the same options retranslated into the other language.

The results with retranslation will look like this:

  1. Amamos a esta cosa viviente
  2. Amamos a este niño.

By choosing option (2), the final retranslation presented in English will be: 

→  We love this child.

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