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 TIP #142   This tip was sent on the week: 2nd - 8th Dec, 2007

More on Word Magic Translators

We have Translators in four different levels:

  1. Home Edition
  2. Translator STD Version 5.0
  3. Translator Professional Version 5.0
  4. Translator Professional Plus Version 5.0

In previous tips we saw that, if a phrase is well written, the Translator Home Edition should be enough. We also saw that this powerful program translated three (apparently simple) phrases well, where other “professional” translators available on the Internet failed. 

We would expect you, dear User, to ask yourself at this point, “Why, then, purchase the more expensive Word Magic versions if the Home Edition is enough? “   

Let us compare translation with skindiving. If you only want to dive in very shallow waters, near the beaches, a snorkel should be enough. 

But if the waters turn suddenly deep, or you find a cave or underwater basin you should want to explore, you cannot use a snorkel. You will need more skindiving equipment for this.

For ‘deep-sea diving’, we offer you our Translator Professional 5.0, with an Interactive System that you will not find in any other software in the world. And, if this weren’t enough, with an equally-exclusive Retranslation System from Word Magic.

But for those who need to dive into even deeper fathoms, Word Magic Software has created something really exceptional, even more intuitive than the Professional 5.0 Version: the Translator Plus 5.0

Only by using it can you truly ‘fathom the actual depths’ of serious translation.

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