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In our previous tip, we talked about the translation of three innocent phrases:

  • Hello, Sugar.

  • Hello, sugar

  • I use sugar every day

In spite of their apparent innocence and their extreme simplicity, they must have the correct grammar and spelling in order to be well translated. For example, what would happen if somebody (ill or well intentioned) writes them as they are below, without commas and with an indiscriminate use of capital letters?

  • Hello Sugar.

  • Hello sugar

  • I use Sugar every day

This would happen:

  • Hola Azucare.

  • Hola azucare

  • Utilizo a Sugar todos los días

If you know some Spanish, you would immediately see the disaster. But, what would happen if you don’t know any Spanish at all? Well, it is precisely for these cases that we have created the Translator Profesional and the Translator Professional Plus. With any one of these products you will immediately see that the three phrases were poorly translated, and better yet, you will be able to correct them with one click.


We will see how this is done in the next tip, and then in another animated tip. Keep an eye out!



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