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TIP #119 - This tip was sent on the week: 24th - 30th Dic, 2006

119 Accumulation Of Prepositions - Part III

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional


More examples of accumulation of prepositions:


De en:

Basically frozen in the phrase “de en medio”. Examples:

“Corran el mueble de en medio del pasillo.” / “Move the piece of furniture away from the middle of the corridor.”

“De en medio de las páginas salió un bichito.” / “Out from between the pages crawled a bug.”

“De en medio del desorden de mi mente, me surgió una idea.” / “An idea arose from among the chaos in my mind.”

De hacia:

“Es una investigación de hacia 1960.” / “The investigation is circa 1960.”

The expression ‘a por’ is very generalized in the Spanish from Spain, and it even tolerates the union with a third preposition, as shown in the following examples:

“Vengo de a por agua”
( ‘Vengo de traer agua’ = ‘I’m back from getting water’).


“Mi padre va a venir a por mí”
( ‘Mi padre va a venir a recogerme’ = ‘My father is going to come pick me up.’), etc.


“Se lo dije hasta por señas” (I told him even with gestures),

“Lo persuadieron hasta con regalos” (They persuaded him even using gifts),

“Cargas de hasta seis kilos” (Loads of up to six kilos), and other similar instances.

En these phrases, the ‘hasta’ involved is an adverb, not a preposition. The preposition ‘hasta’ does not form groups.


The sequence “en contra de” is also not representative of this phenomenon, as the word ‘contra’ in it functions as a noun.



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