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TIP #118 - This tip was sent on the week: 17th - 23th Dic, 2006

118 Accumulation Of Prepositions - Part II

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional


More examples of accumulation of prepositions:


De entre:

“De entre tantos eligieron solo a dos.” / “They chose only two from among many.”

“Saquémoslo de entre las cobijas.” / “Let’s get him out from under the covers.”

De a:

“Los ciudadanos de a pie” / “Common folk”

Occasionally, it will display an eminently colloquial character, as in

“Discos de a tres dólares” / “Three-dollar records”

De por:

Basically frozen in the phrases “de por sí” (in itself / either way) and “de por vida” (life-long). Also, in cases such as: “Vienen de por allá.” (They come from yonder.)


Por en:

Basically frozen in the phrase “por en medio”. Example:

“Caminamos por en medio de la niebla.” / “We walked through the middle of the fog.”


“Se escabulló por en medio de dos pasajeros.” / “He sneaked out between two passengers.”


“Lancé la bola por en medio de las cajas.” / “I pitched the ball through between the boxes.”

(will continue...)


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