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TIP #117 - This tip was sent on the week: 10th - 16th Dic, 2006

117 Accumulation Of Prepositions - Part I

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional


Even though it is considered a substandard procedure, as it’s been unduly documented and understood, the truth is that in Spanish there are some cases of prepositions that admit a joint construction with others, forming thus a sort of compound preposition (while retaining each their separate identity). This way, important expression needs are resolved, which arise in cases that are in want of greater precision, and to indicate more subtle nuances than when the preposition is used by itself.


Examples from the general Spanish:


Para con:


This grouping is inherent to a formal and elegant style of expression.



“El patrono demuestra solidaridad para con los empleados.” / “The employer demonstrates solidarity towards his employees”

“Agradezco su confianza para con mis hijos.” / “I appreciate your trust towards my sons.”

Por entre:

“Tuve que pasar por entre unos automóviles.” / “I had to go through in between some cars.”

“Se distingue un nido por entre las ramas.” / “You can see a nest in between the branches.”

“Por favor limpie únicamente por entre los adornos, sin tocarlos.” / “Please clean only in between the ornaments, without touching them.”

Por sobre:

“El alumbrado se extiende por sobre mi propiedad.” / “The lighting extends all over my property.”

“Llevaba puesto un saco por sobre la placa.” / “He was wearing a coat (completely) over the badge.”

(will be continued…)


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