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TIP #112 - This tip was sent on the week: 29th Oct - 4th Nov, 2006

112 How to Translate "Last Few" and "Next Few" into Spanish - Part II

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

What has been said about the translation of last few is also valid for next few, at the extent that on translating it you CANNOT take few to the letter, i.e. as “pocos”.


Instead, in Spanish we resort to:

  1. To translate 'next few...' in the same way as 'next', that is, into the adjective ‘próximos’.

    For instance:

    I thought I would not see you for the next few months.

    ‘Creí que no te iba a ver en los próximos meses’.

    For the next few hours I’ll be taking an exam.

    ‘Durante las próximas horas voy a estar haciendo examen’.

  2. An alternative to ‘próximo’ is ‘siguiente’, specially when speaking with in past tense.


    I was sent the same advertising for the next few weeks after my request.

    ‘Me enviaron la misma publicidad durante las semanas siguientes a mi pedido’.

  3. Some cases support a combination of the adverb ‘más’ with the adjective ‘próximos’, in order to get a similar effect to that in next few.

    For instance:

    For the next few minutes I will be with my eyes closed.

    ‘Por los minutos más próximos voy a tener los ojos cerrados’.

  4. An alternative which could not be called the most chosen, because of its length, but which provides a good deal of accuracy, is the adverb ‘inmediatamente’ + ‘siguientes’.

    For instance:

    Let’s meet tomorrow and in the next few days.

    ‘Reunámonos mañana y en los días inmediatamente siguientes’.

    I changed a lot in the next few years (after that).

    ‘Cambié mucho en los años siguientes (a ese)’.



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