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TIP #107 - This tip was sent on the week: 17th - 23th Sep, 2006

107 ESI PRO & Translation Part XXII - Professional Confusion?

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

There is what we could call PROFESSIONAL CONFUSION in today’s translation program market.


What is the difference between a “Professional Version” Translator and a Non-Professional one? It would be interesting if our competitors defined this clearly in their Internet pages for the benefit of the Users.


Here at Word Magic, we have been very clear and keep on being so:


Our professional version is not just an automatic translator. It has the Interactive Mode, a system that is unique in the entire market. It is the only system today that allows the User to guide the translation process. In other words, ESI PRO is not only a “professional translator”, it is a true translation tool that aids the User in making the task of the human operator using it faster, more effective and easier.


In its Automatic Mode, ESI PRO can be used as a translator similar to those of the competition. But it also has an Interactive Mode and an Interpretation Mode that are unique in the entire market. On these we have talked about in great detail and with several examples in almost all weekly Tips, starting with number 17.


Our ESI STD version is equivalent to the Professional versions of our competitors. ESI STD is just automatic translation. To differentiate it from the competition, its database holds 600,000 translations, and a collection of 130,000 idioms and slang in each language, besides voice pronunciation. Furthermore, its price is considerably lower than any other “professional version.”


The ESI Home Edition version used the same translation engine as ESI STD, but it has a database half its size. Even so, it can still translate in a manner similar to that of any other “Professional” program available at several times its price.


Our Professional Version is in a whole new league by itself. We can’t compare it to other programs in the market, professional or not, simply because it has functionalities that are unique in their kind.


Tip of the Week: We suggest you compare ESI STD’s translation with that of any other “professional” translator in the market, and get back to us with your comments


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