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TIP #106 - This tip was sent on the week: 10th - 16th Sep, 2006

106 ESI PRO & Translation Part XXI - Using Interactive Translation

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

We mentioned in Tip #103 that ESI PRO is also very useful for IMPROVING translations, even in cases where the first instance translation came out well, syntactically.


This could be the case of the example used for Tip 103, with the phrase “Los máximos competidores → The maximum competitors”


It seems to us that, in this case in particular, the adjective “maximum” is not appropriate. The task of an Editor is to draft an impeccable final text, using the best adjectives or other terms in general that best fit the context, provide the nuances that blend best, plus the most expressive meanings.


ESI PRO is the quintessential ideal tool for assisting the Editor in this task. ESI PRO offers the User not one but an enormous range of meanings, synonyms and nuances for each word within the sentence.


The case under study is shown as follows in the Interactive Window of ESI PRO:



In this case, we don’t want to change the Part of Speech, which was very well selected by ESI as an “adjective”. What we actually want is to semantically edit the phrase; note that, for the translation of “máximo”, ESI offers us six other synonyms besides “maximum”.


They are: “greatest, maximal, top, upmost, uppermost and meridian”


If you should want to choose any of them, you would only need to click on the desired term and…there you go!


In this case, we chose “top”, obtaining as a final result, ”The top competitors”



Imagine the power that ESI PRO places at your hands when, with a simple click, you can choose among a MILLION synonyms for Spanish and FROM ANOTHER MILLION for English, and, what’s more, within the correct context.


Imagine also the usefulness of a functionality like this to help you translate documents and then edit them to obtain a polished translation, and above all, the advantage of using this functionality as a true LEARNING TOOL for a second language.



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