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TIP #104 - This tip was sent on the week: 27th Aug - 2nd Sep, 2006

104 ESI PRO & Translation Part XIX - Using Interactive Translation

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

Let’s return to the example in our Tip # 102, in which the phrase “Un preparado químico” was used and which ESI translated by default as “A chemical preparation”


Let’s use ESI PRO, interactive mode to translate this phrase, and select the word “químico”, as shown below:



Note that “químico” is highlighted as an Adjective in the Parts of Speech Selection Box (below, in the same window). Click on the speech part Nou.



Voilá! The new result “A prepared chemist” is a wholly different phrase. When “químico” is selected as noun, the following term “preparado”, which was used previously as a noun, goes on automatically to work as an Adjective, without much ado on the part of the User.


Even if there had been a change of gender between one result and the other, ESI's interactive system would have taken care of placing articles and adjectives correctly conjugated in the femenine or masculine, as were the case. All this totally automatically.


Only ESI PRO is capable of this versatility. In other automatic translation systems, if the translation is wrong, the process stops there. ESI PRO, instead, offers the user the versatility of choosing between one interpretation and the other by using a simple click.


What else can you ask of an automated system? Additional advantage: this exercise is a powerful LIVE AND PRACTICAL learning method.



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