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TIP #103 - This tip was sent on the week: 20th - 26th Aug, 2006

103 ESI PRO & Translation Part XVIII - Using Interactive Translation

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

An ambiguous phrase such as “Un preparado químico”, seen on the previous tip, can be translated into two, different, equally correct ways.

  1. A chemical preparation (Una formulación química)
  2. A prepared chemist (Un químico muy instruido)

This type of ambiguity is common in Spanish. It is produced by the sequence of two terms, both nouns and adjectives at the same time. Which is the actual adjective? Which is the actual noun?


Only the writer of the phrase knows this. The Reader can only deduce the order in which they appear by context, and for an English-speaking user, it may be a little difficult.


To aid in a “more precise” interpretation, ESI PRO contains an internal database that assigns points to certain adjectives, and subtracts them from others. The same goes for nouns. This way, the initial interpretation rendered by ESI is usually the most typical and the most statistically popular.


Thus, for example, “Una cara humana” will be translated in the first instance as “A human face (Un rostro humano)”, instead of as “An expensive human (Una humana de alto precio) ”


Another example: “Los máximos competidores”, ESI will interpret as “The maximum competitors”


Nevertheless, it could also be interpreted (erroneously?) as our maximum competitors translate it: “The rival maxima”


We'll see in our next tip how to correct a frase of this type when it comes out wrong. We will also see how to improve a translation when it isn't quite exactly to our liking, as is the case of "The maximum competitors"


ESI PRO also aids in IMPROVING the translations by selecting the best synonym within an ample variety of meanings and nuances.



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