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TIP #101 - This tip was sent on the week: 6th - 12th Aug, 2006

101 ESI PRO & Translation Part XVI - Writing and Translating Well

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

An example of what we talked about in the previous tip is the following miniphrase,


Bebé café.


ESI, curiously, translates this phrase as:


Brown baby.


Other translators render it as Baby coffee.



What is wrong here?


The absence, as well as the EXCESS, of accents in words can also cause problems, and this is actually one of those cases. The phrase was sent by an Argentinian user, where it is customary to use the voseo. In the voseo, the mayority of the verbs have an accent. Nevertheless, this is a different type of Spanish and no automatic translator is capable today of recognizing this type of conjugation…so we must not worry about this problem…for the moment.


Taking away the accent from the verb, the phrase –without the accent on the é- is left as Bebe café! → Drink coffee!, which is surely what our Argentinian friend must have meant.



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