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TIP #94 - This tip was sent on the week: 18th - 24th Jun, 2006

94 ESI PRO & Translation - Part IX

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

We have already seen usage examples of the Interactive and Interpretation system for two of the cases listed below.

  • Translation comes out wrong,
  • The original text is ambiguous in English
  • All is wrong, starting with the original text in English

Now we shall see how useful these two exclusive functions of ESI PRO can be, specifically for the third section which refers to the cases in which the original text is wrong and consequently, the translation comes out wrong, too.


Although it may seem strange, the latter case is becoming more and more typical and – sadly enough–it is responsible for the greater part of the bad reputation of computer translation.


In a nutshell: People do not write well anymore.


It is no wonder, then, that automatic translation programs do not translate well.


Was the customer that complained about ESI not translating the following “sentence” correctly right in doing so?

c. last may trip

This case is so far off from what is considered good grammar that not even with 4.46 ESI PRO’s interactive toolbox can we repair it. Paradoxically, it nevertheless represented a challenge for Version 5.0, which will be launched with a very new and revolutionary Interpretative and Interactive method, capable of solving even hair-raising cases such as this one.


We mustn’t forget the famous formula that applies to all MT-based programs:



Garbage In = Garbage Out


TIP for this week: If the sentence that is being translated generates a totally unintelligible rephrasing in its own source language, and if it is useless to try getting it back on track with the interactive tools available in ESI PRO, this might indicate to you that the grammar is wrong, that the sentence is a GI.


We suggest you check the grammatical structure of your sentence (and, of course, its spelling) and take advantage of this situation to also improve your style and accuracy when writing.


Write each sentence in such a way that ESI can give back a correct Rephrasing. This will help you improve in every sense and also to quickly learn more of your native language.


You would be taking advantage of ESI PRO as a powerful educational tool.



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