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TIP #92 - This tip was sent on the week: 4th - 11th Jun, 2006

92 ESI PRO & Translation - Part VII

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

We would like to take advantage of the ambiguity of these phrases to demonstrate the use of a very practical button within the interactive and interpretative functions of ESI PRO. We are talking about the LITERAL button, which always appears on the far right hand corner of the horizontal options for word meanings.


Let’s modify the ambiguous phrase studied in the previous tip a little:

Mary and her sister May arrive on Sunday.

To make it less ambiguous, we will rewrite it in the following manner to see how ESI interprets it:

Mary and her sister May will arrive on Sunday.

The interpretation given by ESI indicates something is wrong in the translation

Mary and her May of the sibling will come on Sunday. (?)

Evidently, it is interpreting “May” not as a proper name, but as the month of May. The English-speaking user will immediately notice this and tell ESI that it should not interpret May as a month but as a proper name.


How is this done?


Very easy! You just need two clicks.


First, select the word that is causing all the confusion: “May”



Then, notice that on the right side of the meanings, there is a label marked “Literal”. Click on the label and then select “sister” as a Noun with another click. Voilá! Case resolved.



Now, the sentence translation says :

María y su hermana May llegarán el domingo,

which is a perfect translation into Spanish.



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