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TIP #90 - This tip was sent on the week: 21th - 27th May, 2006

90 ESI PRO & Translation - Part V

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

We found by mere chance in the previous Tip that the sentence:

He is well- fed, healthy, and kind all at the same time,

very innocent in appearance, wreaks havoc not only in ESI PRO but in several other translators available by download from the Internet as well, and even in one we have a lot of respect for and consider a strong competitor in the field of automatic translation ( regarding ESI STD ).


By automatic translation we refer to on-the-fly translation, in which an entire document is translated without pause from beginning to end and without intervention nor influence from the User. This is what ESI Standard does. This is what all the other available translators on the market do.


However, in Word Magic we go beyond automatic translation. We perceived than the first problem the user comes up against is to know if the automatic translation thus obtained is right or is wrong . If he does realize it’s wrong, he will need to have the means to edit it in an effective, easy and fast way.


This is why we have concentrated our efforts around Interactive Translation and why we will now fully enter in the field of Interpretation by means of Rephrasing. Farther on still: Into Interactive Interpretation.


It is fair to note that Word Magic is totally alone at the summit. Not one of our competitors has ventured in the least into the Interactive Translation field. Much less Interpretation, let alone Interactive Interpretation.


We mustn’t leave out two facts that set ESI PRO aside and are much more evident in cases like these, in which the translation output is not the best you would expect:

  • ESI PRO is the only one that is capable of indicating that the translation is wrong by re-phrasing in your own language.
  • Once the failure is detected, ESI PRO is the only one capable of mending the bad translation with a single click, by means of the Interactive mode.

Without these functions, the English-speaking user would hardly become aware of the translation quality and will not have the means to mend it, unless he does the translation himself.


In the following Tip, we will talk about how the Interpretation Mode comes in handy even in cases where the translation output comes out all right but the original text is ambiguous.



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