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TIP #89 - This tip was sent on the week: 14th - 20th May, 2006

89 ESI PRO & Translation - Part IV

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

To put the two previous Tips in a nutshell, the sentence:

He is well-fed, healthy, and kind all at the same time.

can be fixed by just clicking once over “kind” and then clicking again over Adj, using the Interactive Mode.


To make the job easier for the English speaker, the Interpretation Mode rephrases the sentence and shows that “kind” is being interpreted as “class”, so that the user may click on “class” and select Adjective. That is all that is needed. The correction of one word corrects another, and the whole sentence finds it way syntactically.


Now then, we ask ourselves: Why, if this is a very simple sentence in appearance, did ESI make a mistake by not choosing a simple adjective?


The answer is that no sentence is really simple, no matter how simple it may seem. ESI, when choosing within an adjective chain, has to run through thousands of other options, patterns and combinations among almost one million code lines. It’s quite possible that it lost its way at some point.


Out of curiosity, we wanted to try out this same sentence in another translator from the competition, in fact, in one that is right at our heels in some areas and that – in our opinion—is one of the best available in the market.


What a coincidence! We got the same interpretation error. The result was:

Él es bien alimentado, sano, y clase todos al mismo tiempo.

Driven by this curious fact, we decided to test the sentence in yet another well-known and popular translator which is free in almost every Internet portal, and…another coincidence! The translation has other errors, but it also interpreted ”kind” as “sort”, that is, as a noun instead of as an adjective!


This is the translation result:

Él es bien-alimentó, sano, y clase toda al mismo tiempo.

The mystery of “kind” and of this whole sentence in particular, will be the object of study another time.


Meanwhile, we observe that ESI PRO’s Interpretation Mode did its job well:

  1. it let the English speaker know that the Spanish translation was not all together right, and
  2. it offered a quick and easy mechanism to fix the mistake.



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