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TIP #86 - This tip was sent on the week: 23th - 29th Apr, 2006

86 ESI PRO & Translation - Part I

This tip applies to the following programs:

• ESI Professional

One frequent observation we always get from our customers is that it is very difficult to translate from English into Spanish if you don’t know much Spanish, or any at all, for that matter.


This situation seems a bit too obvious to even discuss it. Nevertheless, the fact that someone even feels the need to mention it reveals to what degree we expect technology to solve everything for us, and not have to do anything other than sit back comfortably and watch the action.


At Word Magic, our philosophy in product designing does not oppose this way of thinking. On the contrary, we feel the customer is always right and we try to cater to his/her needs as much as possible.


Can we even consider possible to translate documents into another language knowing very little of it? It is MORE than possible. Word Magic has already taken its first steps in this direction since the creation of ESI PRO and its “Interpretation” system. With the “Interpretation” mode, ESI PRO offers the English-speaking user a paraphrase in English of what has actually been translated into Spanish. Even though this tool is currently in a very rudimentary stage, it will at least convey an idea of the translation result. If the paraphrasing in English is correct, this is an indication that a correct translation has been achieved. And vice versa.


The “Interpretation” mode is available within ESI PRO in the Interactive mode. After translating a phrase using the Interactive mode, select the “Interpretation” option at the upper right-hand corner of the window and observe the results.


Example: Interactively translate “This is a nice bat”



Then, select “Interpretation”.




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