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TIP #85 - This tip was sent on the week: 16th - 22th Apr, 2006

85 Expression Builder

This tip applies to the following programs:

• TDT Professional

Following you will find, as promised, the second part of TIP 84, in which we talked about the search capabilities of our dictionary TDT PRO within your own databases.


We saw how using "Other Options", in the lower left hand corner of the “Expression Builder”, we can broaden the search parameters to include conjugations and/or synonyms of the seed word.



Now, the issue is: is it possible to sharpen the internal search a bit more and extract even the last phrase hidden within the thousands of expressions, idioms and set phrases that exist in the database? The answer is: yes, with the option , which will carry out a more comprehensive search of the seed word.


Let’s look at the following example in the search of expressions related to the term “happy” (feliz).


This word has many synonyms, which leads us to expect huge lists (as are in fact obtained). With the first search mode we get 140 phrases. With the search mode we get 456 phrases. More than double the amount!



Then, why not always use , instead of ?


Each function has its advantages and disadvantages: the search mode is more comprehensive, but takes more time, while the search mode has practically instant results.


The search mode bears results closer to the seed word because of its briefness. The search mode is much more “creative” and may contain phrases related to the concept of the “seed” word in a perhaps more remote manner.


For example, using the comprehensive search, the term:

“don't get funny with me (no te hagas el gracioso)” ,

appears, which has little or no relation to “happy”. Nevertheless, other phrases such as:

“how glad I am to see you (dichosos los ojos que te ven)” or

“I'll be glad to do it (con muchísimo gusto)”

appear also, which actually are worth taking into account.


You decide how to search, according to the need of the moment.



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