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TIP #84 - This tip was sent on the week: 2nd - 8th Apr, 2006

84 Expression Builder

This tip applies to the following programs:

• TDT Professional

In our previous Tip, we talked about the Expression Builder’s functions. This useful application is available in TDT PRO, the Word Magic Dictionary Utility, and, of course, in the Deluxe and Premiere Suites also.


Now that people are more familiar with Internet search procedures, it is easier to explain (and at the same time understand) Word Magic’s Expression Builder feature. Using the Builder is like searching online, the only difference being that the search scope is limited to the idioms, set phrases, slang and other expressions that exist in our dictionary. Nevertheless, the search modes are much more powerful and the matches obtained are either more precise or more creative, according to the function used.


For example, if you select "Other Options " in the lower left hand corner of the application screen, we can broaden the search parameters to include conjugations and/or synonyms of the “seed word” (search word).



The results are truly amazing and very creative. You will see expressions and relations appear before your eyes that will most certainly be very difficult to find using any other type of search procedure. Of course, some will have a very remote relation to the concept and others will definitely not have any relation at all, except maybe for a coincidental word out of context; but in general, the User can find what he/she is looking for and many other suprises.


As an exercise, let’s look for expressions that relate to the concept “deseo”.


Within the 219 matches, we find expressions such as:

  • abrasarse en deseos= burn with desire
  • expresar un deseo = make a wish

which very clearly are related to the concept.


These other results do not contain the word "deseo", but relate to the same concept:

  • abrir el apetito = whet the appetite
  • aguantar las ganas (tirar las riendas)=restrain oneself
  • aplacar las pasiones (calmar la tempestad)=pour oil on troubled waters
  • falta de ganas (desgano) = apathy
  • mala gana (renuencia) = unwillingness
  • manejar al antojo (tener de la oreja,llevar de la narices)= lead by the nose
  • ¡no me da la gana! = I just don’t feel like it!
  • tener sed de (desear ardientemente) = thirst for, rave for

To be continued…



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