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TIP #83 - This tip was sent on the week: 26th Mar - 1st Apr, 2006

83 Expression Builder

This tip applies to the following programs:

• TDT Professional

Our Tip this week refers to the Word Magic Dictionary Expression Builder.


We have mentioned in other instances that Word Magic Dictionary & Tools contains an enormous collection of idioms, set phrases, compound verbs and even proverbs within its database.


There are almost 125,000 set phrases in each language, and this figure increases with each new version of the program. The point is, if there is such a bounty of linguistic treasures here, which is the best way to have access to it in order to get the most advantage?


This is why we have incorporated – as yet another tool – our Expression Builder to Word Magic’s main diccionary. The Expression Builder is a useful application that will help you fish for expressions or set phrases within the vast collection inside the dictionary.


Here are some possibilities:

  1. If there’s a specific phrase you don’t remember as a whole, but it contains a word you do remember, type the word in the input box of the Builder, select “End with” and then press ENTER

For example: you have a vague idea of a certain expression that you know talks about a “gato” and about something being dishonest or twisted, but do not really remember how the phrase goes in Spanish.


There are two steps you will need after opening the application with the icon from your Dictionary. Let’s see how the example above works :

  1. Type "gato" in the input box. The search or “seed” word must be typed in singular if it’s a noun, or as an infinitive without the “to”, if it’s a verb.
  2. Select the option “End with” and then press ENTER.


You will notice that the 30 phrases it found appear in the list on the left. If you click on any entry on the list, you will see its synonyms or its translations on the right side of the screen.


In our example, we find an expression that fits our search specifications exactly, besides 29 others that may prove to be useful:

"Hay gato encerrado"


On the right, you will also find phrases in English in accordance with the same concept. The first one is:


"There's something fishy going on"


In our next Tip, you will find out just how powerful this search function actually is, as it can search for an expression based on concept.



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