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TIP #82 - This tip was sent on the week: 19th - 25th Mar, 2006

82 Searching by Spanish Gender

This tip applies to the following programs:

• TDT Professional

Spanish nouns have gender, something which only a few English words share.


In English, for instance, a ship or a boat or any kind of aircraft is always referred to as a she.


In Spanish all nouns have gender, although certain nouns can be one or the other according to the circumstances. In the Set Search Options, we refer to some of these as “No Gender”, although their orthodox grammatical name corresponds to Ambiguous


Examples of this type of nouns are: concertista, futbolista, principiante, comediante, buscapleitos, etc. They usually end in “-ista” or “-ante” and reference human attributes or professions. The word ending (desinence) itself gives no indication of which gender the noun can take. That’s why we refer to them as “No Gender”


Then, we have the “Both Genders” nouns. The ending of these nouns indicates the actual gender. These are words like director, doctor, escritor, etc. , which in the feminine become directora, doctora, escritora, etc.


Finally, we have the one-gender nouns, which can be either masculine or feminine only. Most physical nouns fall into this category. Mesa (table), for instance, is feminine, and barco(ship), is masculine.


Word Magic Dictionary can search lists of nouns under these classifications. You can retrieve, for instance, a list of all feminine, single nouns starting with “c”.


Select “Search Options” , then “Part of Speech / Nouns” and “Feminine”, in the second selection window from left to right, as shown below:




Now, type in c* and take a look at the results: 12762 feminine nouns.



As an interesting fact, there are quite a few feminine nouns that end with the letter “o”: mano, líbido, coralillo, etc. This shows that not all nouns that end with “o” are masculine nouns in Spanish.



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