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TIP #77 - This tip was sent on the week: 5th - 11th Feb, 2006

77 Database Architecture:
Description Tags versus Best Description Tags

This tip applies to the following programs:

• TDT Professional

What is a Best Description Tag?


In last week’s Tip we talked about Description Tags. They are brief descriptions attached to each meaning folder, displayed horizontally along the bottom of the main display screen of the dictionary. These indicate which is the meaning content of each folder. When you click on any one of these tags, the meaning is displayed with all its synonyms, translations, and conjugations.



The description in parenthesis “to pull back” is what we call the Description Tag. It indicates that this specific meaning of ”back” is an intransitive verb having the action of moving back. It identifies and separates this meaning from the other meanings of back so that you can know which one you’re looking at.


Description Tags are also the foundation stone of the Interactive System in ESI PRO.


One of the most relevant improvements in Version 5.0 is related to these descriptors. At this moment, the tags are generated automatically by the program itself, but in Version 5.0, we will have hand-picked descriptors.


A whole team of linguists and translators has been working on this huge undertaking for the past two years, and we have finally reached the point where we are ready to implement them into the program for Version 5.0. More than 100,000 hand-picked descriptors will be added to assist you for a better understanding of words and idioms in general.


We have called them “Best Descriptors” and they have been chosen because they best describe the meaning of each connotation, using a carefully selected combination of words both in English and Spanish.


This is just one among dozens of wonderful new features that will amaze you in the upcoming release!


Tip for this week: The Best Description Tags will constitute an excellent means for learning the other language, too!



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