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TIP #76 - This tip was sent on the week: 29th Jan - 4th Feb, 2006


Database Architecture:

Meanings & Description Tags


This tip applies to the following programs:

• TDT Professional

In our last tip we saw that by using the Part of Speech Selection Box

we can have one single part of speech displayed on the screen, hiding all other possible ones. We want it to be this way to simplify our view and our grasp of each word. Otherwise, a multi-meaning word, such as “back”, would fill up the whole screen and it would be necessary to scroll up and down and back and forth from one meaning to another in order to view them all.


However, things are not as easy as all that. Once you select the part of speech, in this particular case noun, eleven additional options will open up, since TDT has eleven meanings for just for “back” as a noun!



What we have done, then, is to display these meanings horizontally, as a series of tabs placed underneath the main screen, each one with a brief description of the meaning in question. Your specific selection is carried out by clicking on these tags.


Once you select a meaning and click on its tag, everything contained in that specific folder is displayed for your review. Notice all terms are related to the particular meaning you selected: translations, synonyms, conjugations, etc.


For each individual meaning, read the Description Tags. The description tag alone should be able to give you enough information about each meaning (also called connotation) to be able to make an accurate choice.


Tip for this week: Description tags can be read in either language: English or Spanish. If the description tags are being displayed in Spanish, simply click on the icon placed under the Part of Speech Selection Box, and they will immediately change to English.




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