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TIP #73 - This tip was sent on the week: 8th - 14th Jan, 2006

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • TDT Professional

Mexican or Pan-Hispanic Spanish?


"Does ESI translate into Mexican Spanish or Spanish from Spain?"


This is a question that is constantly asked by our web-site visitors; the answer is: Into neither one of them!


Our dictionaries were built using our best criteria to choose the most widely accepted words internationally. Thus, we have tried to pick translations commonly accepted as International Spanish, now referred to as Pan-Hispanic Spanish.


In those cases in which there are two or more possible translations for a given English term, our TDT Dictionary will display the Pan-Hispanic entry first, then follow with other possible accepted synonyms, and finally the country-specific translation(s).


In our upcoming Version 5.0, we will include an additional feature: it will be possible to set up a Country for defining your preferred default translation. Take, for example, an expression as "Look out!".


The internationally accepted (Pan-Hispanic) rendition of this term would be: "¡Cuidado!". However, if you set Mexico as your preferred country, the translation will come out as “!Aguas! “. This will be implemented in both the TDT Dictionary and ESI.


The same thing will happen when going in the reverse direction. "Márchate" would normally be translated as "go away (leave)", in "international" English. However, if you select the Preference Colloquial- British, the translation will come out as "beetle off (nip off)" or, more formally "remove yourself".


What if you select Colloquial US? The outcome could be "buzz off" or "beat it".


Bear in mind that all these terms are already present in our current Version 4.46. However, it will not be until Version 5.0 that you will be able to select your start-up preferences for country-specific translations. Then, you will be able to select as your preferred translation literal, familiar, slang and even vulgar translations for some specific words. Or do the reverse process: change a vulgar text, filled with colloquial expression and slang into a formal English that would – in turn- translate into formal Spanish.


Just another unique set of features that you will not find anywhere else in the world of Machine Translation!

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