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TIP #72 - This tip was sent on the week: 1st - 7th Jan, 2006

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • TDT Professional

More on the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary Of Doubts of the Real Academia


In which other ways could we benefit from the publication of a book such as the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubts?


Thousands of doubts are cleared up; thousands of random, incorrectly spelled or incorrectly used words are denounced and clearly depicted with flashy colors.


But for us, the Users, there is a fundamental problem: How do we know if or when a Spanish word or verb conjugation that we are innocently using on an everyday basis is actually correct or incorrect? How do we even suspect this is happening? Do we have to check with the dictionary for every word we use? This is hardly practical! Besides, if we are using an incorrect word assuming that it is correct and have been doing so for a long time, why should we now all of a sudden have doubts and rush to consult the dictionary? Too improbable!


Again, we at Word Magic have come up with a better way of taking advantage of these circumstances, which in this case means taking advantage of this huge accomplishment brought about by the Real Academia Española: instead of you, the User, constantly turning to the dictionary for consultation (an awkward and improbable task), we are planning to bring the dictionary to you embedded into our spell-checking system.


There are plans to implement the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubts in one of our future versions, and Version 5.0 is going to take the first steps into this direction. You will be amazed with the new functionality when Version 5.0 is released early this year.

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