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TIP #67 - This tip was sent on the week: 27th Nov - 3rd Dec, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard

What to Expect in the Future


In the last two weeks, we have bared the basics behind our Research & Development philosophy.


In essence, we stated that we are not blind believers in MT. This is indeed a strange statement coming from an MT software development company!


But, now we also say that,


MT + Interactive Translation + Translation Memory OMT


could result in something really worthwhile. Therefore, we cannot simply take MT out of the picture. Quite the contrary, at least 60% of our R & D resources have been focused on the development of better and more accurate MT engines. You can corroborate this yourself in Version 4.45, released last November 16th, which translates considerably better than 4.40, even in the Automatic Mode (ESI STD).


Thus, taking all three complementary functions together, MT is evolving for the first time into something we could call OMT (Operational Machine Translation)


The question now rises: in which other ways can Word Magic further develop ESI and OMT?


Regarding the translation engine itself, there is unlimited room for further development. This is an area where development cannot stop because there will always be instances where automatic translation fails. Language is far too complex to be encapsulated in a software program, no matter how “intelligent” it becomes.


However, there is also huge room for development in the Interactive System. This is going to be one of the major revelations in Upgrade Version 5.0, coming early next year. The Interactive System itself could be considered as Word Magic’s most distinguishing and practical functionality. It seems hard to imagine how it could be improved upon. Nevertheless, our staff has come up with an amazing and intuitive new conception of Interactivity, one that is going to crown all previous WM development efforts with unheard-of practicality. This means saving up even more on translation time during the translation process.


Our Tip for this week is: Be on the lookout for Version 5.0 and take advantage of future Special 5.0 Discount Offers to be published in the near future, valid only for our Weekly Tip Subscribers.

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