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TIP #65 - This tip was sent on the week: 13th - 19th Nov, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard

What Exactly Is The Difference?


We frequently receive inquiries about what really distinguishes Word Magic from other translation software.


This is a somewhat complex question for us to answer because there are a great many things that set Word Magic apart from the rest, many features that are unique to our Dictionaries, their sheer size being just one of them, plus many other functions that are found in no other translation software including a collection of 225,000 typical idiomatic expressions in both languages.


But what REALLY distinguishes our applications?


We have come to the conclusion that the core element that sets Word Magic Software apart is our pragmatic approach to MT (Machine Translation). We do not blindly believe in MT. We do not take for granted that the output of a translator program is the correct translation, nor that it has to be the correct translation.


We recognize the fact that MT, in general, is far from being a dependable, accurate, or even practical, method. No matter how expensive or sophisticated a translation program might be, it will always carry a certain percentage of error, and in those cases it could take longer for a human operator to edit the output than to translate it manually from the beginning. This, unfortunately, is the general feeling among human translators for all cases. They feel that MT is like a bridge that ends right in the middle of the river, that it never reaches the other shore. We agree with this to some extent.


Taking this as our working premise, we have concentrated our efforts toward the creation of a translation tool rather than of a blind, automatic translator. In other words, we pragmatically recognize the fact that MT will not do the complete job and have come up with a solution: we have added an Interactive Function which makes up for the missing half of the translation bridge!


Automatic Translation takes you to the middle of the river. Then, using the Interactive Function, you can easily reach the other shore just by clicking on this or that word and - voilá! - the translation output is automatically edited and fixed as if by Magic!


You have to try this out in order to believe it. Many translators around the world --former enemies of plain MT as such— who have tried us out are now counted among our most fervent Customers. They claim that using the Interactive System they can save about 50% of their time and 75% of their mental effort when doing a translation.


So... the following is our Tip for this week:

  1. If you just want to know what a Spanish document is about, you can use ESI Standard. It will give you a plain, automatic translation of the whole document from beginning to end so that can get the gist of its meaning. In other words, ESI STD serves you as a tool for reading and understanding a foreign text, email, Word Document or Internet article.

  2. If you want to translate a document in a more accurate and polished manner, then you have to use ESI Professional. ESI PRO can operate in both modes: automatically, like ESI STD, and interactively, sentence by sentence.

    With ESI PRO you can translate documents and live-edit them in the most user-friendly way ever implemented in a program. It will pay for itself in a few months of operation.

This is what REALLY distinguishes Word Magic: ESI PRO and the Interactive Mode…the other half of the bridge.

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