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TIP #63 - This tip was sent on the week: 30th Oct - 5th Nov, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Another Word about Memory Translation


In Tip #50, we pointed out that ESI will not –in some instances– accept the options you select using the Translation Memory function. For instance, if you select a word as a verb along with your desired translation, you would probably expect this particular word to always be translated as a verb in all future texts, right?


Well, this does not quite work this way all of the time.


ESI’s Translation Memory system is designed to accept selected meanings and selected translations, but you cannot preselect the Part of Speech of a word for all sentences, for even if a particular part of speech selection mends a particular sentence in one instance, it could definitely ruin many others in other instances.


By now you will have learned enough about the transitive and intransitive attributes of the verbs in our database, and about dozens more of other attributes which determine their correct selection within ESI’s context-sensitive mechanisms as well, to be able to understand that Translation Memory has to be limited even further.


For instance, if you select your first-preferred meaning and first-preferred translation for a transitive verb using Translation Memory, and then ESI decides that in some specific context an Intransitive verb should be chosen instead, ESI’s selection will overrule your Translation Memory preferences. Otherwise there would be chaos, with a transitive verb being used instead of an intransitive one…this would definitely work in detriment of the output quality!


What you can do is set your preferred translation and preferred meaning for a transitive entry, and then do likewise for an intransitive entry. This way you would have two pre-selected choices: one for transitive verbs and other for intransitives ones; these selections will be used whenever they appear and do not disrupt the logical sentence order.

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