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TIP #61 - Addendum - This tip was sent on the week: 9th - 15th Oct, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

How to Add A New Word to the Dictionaries - Part XII - Transitive & Intransitive Verbal Phrases


It was called to our attention by one of our readers that we had inadvertently included an error in last week’s tip:


It had to do with the transitive use of the phrasal verb “to tag along”. This verb requires an additional particle if we want to use it as a transitive: It has to be “to tag along behind”


Thus, our example should read as follows:

Their car tagged along Su coche venía detrás.

And, the transitive case would be:

Their car tagged along behind our car Su coche seguía a nuestro coche.

For our purposes, a better example would have been “to come along”


In the Intransitive context, the translation would be “venir también”.

My sister came along Mi hermana vino también

or → Mi hermana vino conjuntamente (con nosotros)

However, the transitive case would be “venir por”:

She came along the other road Ella venía por la otra calle.

Please take note of these corrections and file this tip as an addendum to Tip 61.

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