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TIP #54 - This tip was sent on the week: 21th - 27th Aug, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

A Tip on the Tips


You may have noticed that our weekly tips have become more and more involved in grammar and linguistic issues lately; they have become more and more educational, delving deeper into technical aspects of language and translation. This is a logical outcome considering that the tips deal with Machine Translation, and language itself is one of the most complex functions of the human mind. Translation from one language to another therefore cannot be treated lightly. You must be acquainted with at least a few technical aspects in order to keep pace with the development of ESI, and this is why we have been outlining these technical aspects in our past articles…and also plan to keep on doing so.


In other words, our Weekly Tips will become Weekly Lessons in Spanish-English translation, if you’re willing to bear with us.


Sometimes our Users expect the translation to come out perfect without any effort on their part. Perhaps they expect the word “Magic” in our Software to do the whole job. But things do not actually work out this way; we insist that Magic is one percent talent and 99% perseverance.


You can use automatic translation and get a 70% accuracy in your output, but if you really want to close the gap and reach the 90% range, then you will have to study the rules, tricks and tips that we so willingly provided you with for almost a year, and apply them using the Interactive Mode in ESI Professional.


We usually do not indulge in publishing the testimonials we constantly receive. In the following case, however, we will make an exception since the testimonial is from an old and dear Customer and Friend who visited us when ESI first came out in the early 90’s, and who has been a professional translator for many, many years. Besides, his testimonial has to do with our Weekly Tips and we feel that it might motivate you to study them a little bit harder.


Dear don Ricardo:


I feel I should write and express my thanks for the brilliant idea of publishing the usage tips for ESI. I must confess I have not studied all the tutorials carefully, but since the publishing the Weekly Tips, my usage has been enhanced greatly. I do use ESI virtually every day, and the work of translation has been made much easier.


I am looking forward with anticipation to version 5 in the Fall (?) especially remembering how the program has been developed through the years from when we could only use it one way.


I have had so much satisfaction from the program that I am only too happy to authorize you to use my quote. I cannot recall which year in the 90's it was when I had the privilege of visiting you in San José, but, without doubt, I am grateful for when I first found WordMagic.



Frank Woodcock

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