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TIP #50 - This tip was sent on the week: 24th - 30th Jul, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional
  • ESI Standard

ESI Standard , ESI Professional And Conventional Translation Software


There is still another observation that we can make regarding ESI Professional and the Interactive Mode.


ESI Standard and the Conventional Translation Programs:


If you compare the different translation programs available in the market you will notice that, on the surface, they all look about the same. Even ESI Standard, working in automatic mode, will produce similar results in a quick, informal comparison.


But if you probe further you will notice that the more deeply you test the grammatical strengths, or try to trick the software with difficult, ambiguous or idiomatic texts, the more will ESI Standard excel above all others. We can guarantee this fact and it has been established by several independent comparisons carried out since 1998 by CALICO Review and others*. ESI Standard has always come out as number one.


Other studies have set the average accuracy of conventional translation programs as bordering 30%, whereas we have estimated ESI’s performance at 60 to 70%.


Is 60-70% Good Enough?


The fact remains that, even if some applications perform at an average 30% accuracy and ESI Standard at 60%, there is still a large gap to reach 100%; there will still be a few wrong sentences scattered throughout the output.


So, what’s it to the User if one program performs at 30% and the other one at 60%?


If you are translating informally or just to get the gist of a document, email or article, a 60-70% accuracy is enough.


However, for anybody who needs to translate a document for serious purposes -and even more so from a professional translator’s standpoint- a 60% accuracy rating is not “60% good”, it’s “40% bad”.


The professional translator will say: “I am getting 30 to 40% bad translations with this software. It is definitely no good to me!”


ESI Professional and the Conventional Translation Programs:


On the other hand, we have ESI Professional, and it is exactly at this point where ESI Professional departs from what’s “conventional”. From here on, no comparisons are in order simply because the other software applications do not have Interactive capabilities.


The functionality has to exist in both programs for a comparison to be possible, and only ESI Professional has an Interactive Mode. Therefore, it no longer fits into the all-embracing category of “conventional translation programs”. It is Something Else.


In a nutshell, what really sets ESI apart in a different category above all other translation programs is not a 60 over 30 average rating accuracy, it is the fact that you can bridge the remaining 40% gap using the smoothest, most effort-saving and user-friendly feature ever incorporated into a program: The Interactive Mode.


Our Tip this week is quite straightforward:


If you have gone the extra step and purchased ESI Professional, put your investment to work and learn how to use the Interactive Mode efficiently. Ask for our whole collection of Weekly Tips or download them from our web site. They contain several practical examples and they are free. You may also go through each chapter of our animated Tutorial, available from ESI’s Toolbar, under “Help”.

NOTE: To view an index of all tips click here. To download the complete collection of tips click here.

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