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TIP #49 - This tip was sent on the week: 17th - 23th Jul, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Using Interactive Translation in ESI Professional – Part IX – Final Comments


We want to make the following observations:


Sometimes it might be thought that ESI Professional’s Interactive Mode will automatically improve translation as if by magic, by just being there. But the truth is, the word “Magic” in our name is just that: a name. One might even think that sometime in the future you will find the time to learn how to fully use ESI Professional’s interactive capabilities…one of these days. As the wise and popular saying goes,”There is no gain without pain”: One has to learn how to use the Interactive Mode in order to make the most of it…and save the most with it. Otherwise, you will have wasted your money paying for an incredible extra feature and then casting it into oblivion.


We know this in part by the type of questions asked. A typical complaint is: “ESI Professional did not translate this sentence correctly! What’s wrong?”


In our last Tips we saw how the Interactive Mode allows you to

  1. fix sentences that were not correctly translated initially, and
  2. to produce decently translated documents even if you do not know the opposite (target) language.

We have seen that fixing bad translations is much faster than retyping them by hand. It only requires a fraction of a second to redo an entire sentence when you click on an incorrectly selected word.


Also, another perspective which we have not yet delved upon, but which is quite real and quite important for producing effective translations that will convey the idea in more forcible and direct ways to the end reader, is the perspective of choice.


Through the Interactive Mode you can choose from a variety of words, verbs, idioms and foreign expressions of all kinds. You are not limited to one fixed Target Word translation for each Source Word. You have a wide selection to choose from. You have “freedom of expression”, instead of being forced to translate every word in the same fashion time after time, year after year.


When you learn how to use the Interactive Mode, you may compare it with flying over the fields as opposed to riding on a fixed set of rails. You will always have the steering wheel in your hands.


True, flying could be more dangerous that riding a train. But – it seems to us—we should leave all those fears behind and enjoy a better ride. Besides, there will be the added value of more efficiency, more speed and more control of the vehicle.

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