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TIP #47 - This tip was sent on the week: 3th - 9th Jul, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Using Interactive Translation in ESI Professional – Part VII – Monolingual Users


Last week we promised to show you how you can use ESI Professional to translate from English to Spanish or the other way around even if you are a monolingual User, that is, even if you do not know the other (target) language. Although this may seem quite impossible, it really isn’t if you use ESI’s Interactive and Interpretation modes::


Let’s use the same example we saw last week:


The first thing you must do is use the Interactive Mode; once there, click on the Interpretation Mode as shown below.


You will notice that the paraphrased sentence loses sense around the middle, right after the particle “for”. Now choose “for”, and you will then notice that it is selected as a preposition, with the meaning “about”. See image below:


Make sure that you have the Interface Language set to English. Clic over the proper icon on the upper right hand corner . Otherwise, the meaning display will be in Spanish and you will see that the tag says “para” instead of “about” when you select “for”.


If the meaning of “about” makes no sense to you, as it should not, try selecting other available Part(s) of Speech. You will notice that Cnj (Conjunction) is available. Click on Cnj and notice that the meaning “since” is now displayed.


This should be starting to look better. However, the verb “befit” does not make any sense at all. It should be your next suspect. Click over “befit” and you will immediately see many other options displayed in the Meaning Tags.


Select the second tag “turn” and you will see the paraphrased translation change to:


which looks good enough for all practical purposes and it also matches the meaning of the original (Source) sentence. If you are satisfied, click on “Translation” and the edited sentence will now be displayed in Spanish in its correct sense:


A perfectly well interpreted sentence!

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