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TIP #46 - This tip was sent on the week: 26th Jun - 2nd Jul, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Using Interactive Translation in ESI Professional – Part VI


This week’s example is a little bit more complicated than the previous one…it will actually require two clicks on the Interactive Mode instead of one. Consider the following sentence:


The initial interpretation given by ESI fails to recognize that the particle “for” in this particular case is functioning as a conjunction rather than as a preposition. In other words, ESI incorrectly chose Preposition instead of Conjunction as Part of Speech.


Your first click should be over “for”, then. Select “for” and then click over “Cnj” on the Part of Speech Selection Box, as shown on the image below:


We can see that the sentence is still not making too much sense. Now let’s select “become” and click on the tag of its second meaning (“turn”), as shown below:


There you go! Now we have a complete Spanish sentence.


But you may ask: “What if I do not know enough Spanish to be able, in the first place, to determine that the initial translation was actually incorrect, and in the second place, to choose the correct Parts of Speech or Meanings?


This question is a valid one. We receive comments like these every day.


Let’s recognize here that the underlying problem has nothing to do with the software. It is rather impossible for a person to translate a document into another language if he or she knows nothing of the language!


But with ESI Professional, one can overcome even this kind of difficulty if you learn how to operate the program intelligently, taking advantage of all the additional information that ESI displays for you in the form of Part of Speech indicators, Meaning Tags, synonyms and compound expressions, plus taking advantage of the fact that you are actually able to read these meanings, tags, synonyms and the rest of the information in either language.
This way… all language barriers disappear!


ESI Professional gives you, as an English or Spanish User, enough collateral information through the Interactive Mode to make sensible selections and come out with a good enough translation.


Actually, ESI Professional is – in this particular case — the only software application in the entire market fitted with enough interactivity, information display and wizardry to allow monolingual Users to make sensible translations in the
opposite language.


We will see how this is done in next week’s Tip.

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