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TIP #45 - This tip was sent on the week: 19th - 25th Jun, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Using Interactive Translation in ESI Professional – Part V


Here we have another “headline” case:

Free Man!

What do we mean by that? Are we asking for Humanity to be freed or are we simply declaring the freedom of one particular man?


In the first sense the word “free” has to be interpreted as an imperative verb and the translation would come out as follows:

Free Man! → ¡Libera al Hombre!

On the other hand, if the phrase belongs in different context, such as:

“Free Man! ... At last!”,

in such case the word “free” has to be interpreted as an adjective instead and the translation would come out as:

“¡Hombre Libre! … ¡Al fin!”

Since the phrase is ambiguous from beginning to end, the only one who can determine how it should be translated is The Reader. You, as a translator can translate this sentence either way, as an imperative statement or as a simple noun phrase (adjective plus noun).


Let’s see how ESI interprets the sentence automatically (before you modify it using the Interactive functions)


We see that it chose the noun phrase: Adjective plus noun. This is correct. Now let’s change the interpretation first selecting “Free” and then clicking on Vrb

This is correct too!


Observe that ESI Prfessional gives you the freedom to select either one of the two senses without having to rewrite anything manually. A single click of the mouse changes the output from one meaning to the other in just a fraction of
a second.


Imagine the amount of time, effort and re-typing you will save if you are dealing not with two-word sentences but with whole paragraphs!

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