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TIP #44 - This tip was sent on the week: 12th - 18th Jun, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Using Interactive Translation in ESI Professional – Part IV


Let’s take another example and see how you can change the following sentence using the Interactive mode:

Policeman killed in Main Street

This statement is ambiguous. We have to infer from the context if the policeman killed someone in Main Street or if it is he who was actually killed.


If this sentence is part of a headline, it probably has to be interpreted in the second sense. Headlines, titles and captions usually take for granted that the action falls upon the explicit subject. Headlines usually have no active verbs, only passive past participles.


ESI interprets headlines that way. As a matter of fact, ESI translates this sentence as :

Policía matado en Calle Mayor → Policeman (was) killed in Main Street

However, if you want this sentence to be interpreted the other way around, you can always make use of the Interactive mode, as follows

Select “killed” and click on Vrb. The translation immediately changes to the active sense, thus


This is our tip for this week:


Translating headline-type constructions is a very tricky job. Automatic translation is liable to fail more frequently because there is much more ambiguity. You have to use the Interactive mode when translating headlines, titles and captions. We will show you more examples next week.

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