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TIP #42 - This tip was sent on the week: 29th May - 4th Jun, 2005

This tip applies to the following programs:

  • ESI Professional

Using Interactive Translation in ESI Professional – Part II


This week we will deal with a different type of sentence construction used typically in English.

He has heart and kidney problems.

For some reason, ESI fails to recognize this as a series of two adjectives, “heart” and “kidney”. These words are nouns, but – in accordance with English grammar—they are supposed to be interpreted as adjectives, in the manner below:

He has cardiac and kidney problems.

However, ESI interprets the sentence as:

He has a heart and he has kidney problems.

Thus, it translates the sentence into Spanish as:


If you were using ESI Standard (or any other translator for that matter) and the output sentence comes out incorrect, you would have to rewrite the whole output, and – we agree—this could take as much time as translating the sentence manually in the first place.


But, here is where ESI Professional makes a difference, a real difference:


Just click on top of the word which is causing the faulty interpretation, in this case, ”heart”. Then select it as Adjective instead of Noun. Do this by clicking on Adj on the Part of Speech Selector box in the Interactive Window, as shown below:


Voilá! The sentence is immediately changed to its correct interpretation and translated as:

Él tiene problemas cardiacos y renales → (He has cardiac and renal problems)

Now, you will probably agree with us that using the Interactive Mode and clicking on a single word takes much less time than rewriting the whole sentence by hand. This is what we call Live Editing: a functionality available only in ESI Professional… nowhere else in the market.


That’s why we claim that using ESI Professional you can translate at least two or three times faster than manually. It takes but a fraction of a second to click on a word and just another fraction for the complete sentence to rearrange itself “live” in front of your very eyes.


Furthermore, not all sentences require editing. Most of the sentences will require no change at all, or if they do, it would be a minor one. Therefore, your job is drastically reduced in time and effort and freed from the merely mechanical burden of writing, typing and rewriting complete blocks of text.

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